Middle Consonants


I am a new member to the community. I have been to Thailand twice and I am returning a third time this winter. I just bought the Paiboon Thai language books.

At first I ignored the pages with Thai script, but then I read Benjawan's warning about becoming dependent on transliteration writing, and immediately saw the short-sightedness of my decision. Take heed anyone else just starting out...

Anyhow, I am looking at a page with Middle Consonants (Thai for Beginningers, page 29 if anyone wants to follow along), and there are three columns: 'Consonant' (with a Thai letter--character?), 'Consonant Name' (Thai letters, followed by English phonetic spelling and then an English word or phrase in parentheses), last column is 'Sound' with an English letter with slashes around it.

This page is confusing me, specifically the middle column: Consonant Name. Why does it say "gɔɔ (backwards C's) gài" followed by "chicken". Is chicken the name of the consonant? That sounds so silly to me I didn't even want to write it. Is the consonant pronounced as "gɔɔ gài"?
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Good books for a newbie

I found this fantastic site with really cheap learn Thai book, but since I'm a totally newbie so I'm starting from scratch, I have no idea where to start.
Does anyone have some recommendations for good starter books? 

Thanks in advance ^^

First post..

Hello everyone!

I've been a member for some weeks now, but I didn't take the time to post yet.
My name is Sillee and I've been in Thailand for almost 5 months this year. I really want to go back and this time I would love to communicate more with the Thai people in their own language. So one of my goals is to learn Thai ^^ So I would love anyone's help and advices about this. What's the easiest way to start?

I'm looking forward to any replies and meeting new friends.



Hello all.  Another newbie (to both the language and the community!) here.  I'm trying to correctly translate just two words.  I've been using the thai-language website (a fantastic one at that) to help me but I really think I need the advice of someone a little more proficient than me to ensure I get the choice of verb form exactly right.

I want to say "seek beauty".  It is intended as a instruction (to strive for an intangible concept of universal beauty - and I mean beauty in the poetic sense rather than the specific 'she's a beauty' sense).  I hope that's clear.

(haa khwaam ngaam)

I am mostly unsure if my use of seek is correct or whether I should have a modifier, such as ค้นหา

Thanks for any help at all and if I have messed every part of this attempted translation then please tell me that too!

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Can someone please help me?

Hello, I am having a problem recently where I need to get my mother's birth certificate from Thailand. I was on two phone calls today with both the DC Thai embassy and the NY Thai embassy, and neither of them could help us because my mom's thai is not so good.

My question is, can someone read this and tell me if there's a form here I'm supposed to download to apply for the birth certificate to be sent?


I can read it outloud, but I have no idea what I'm reading. I really appreciate any help.

Thank you,
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I just wanted to say a quick hello.

I am Australian and have been living and working in Thailand for a year.

I speak at an intermediate level and read/write at a beginners level.

I am good for local knowledge on Sriracha which is in Chon Buri, because I work so bloody much I rarely get anywhere else.