duckdae (twoeyedtim) wrote in learn_thai,

Middle Consonants


I am a new member to the community. I have been to Thailand twice and I am returning a third time this winter. I just bought the Paiboon Thai language books.

At first I ignored the pages with Thai script, but then I read Benjawan's warning about becoming dependent on transliteration writing, and immediately saw the short-sightedness of my decision. Take heed anyone else just starting out...

Anyhow, I am looking at a page with Middle Consonants (Thai for Beginningers, page 29 if anyone wants to follow along), and there are three columns: 'Consonant' (with a Thai letter--character?), 'Consonant Name' (Thai letters, followed by English phonetic spelling and then an English word or phrase in parentheses), last column is 'Sound' with an English letter with slashes around it.

This page is confusing me, specifically the middle column: Consonant Name. Why does it say "gɔɔ (backwards C's) gài" followed by "chicken". Is chicken the name of the consonant? That sounds so silly to me I didn't even want to write it. Is the consonant pronounced as "gɔɔ gài"?
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