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Hello all.  Another newbie (to both the language and the community!) here.  I'm trying to correctly translate just two words.  I've been using the thai-language website (a fantastic one at that) to help me but I really think I need the advice of someone a little more proficient than me to ensure I get the choice of verb form exactly right.

I want to say "seek beauty".  It is intended as a instruction (to strive for an intangible concept of universal beauty - and I mean beauty in the poetic sense rather than the specific 'she's a beauty' sense).  I hope that's clear.

(haa khwaam ngaam)

I am mostly unsure if my use of seek is correct or whether I should have a modifier, such as ค้นหา

Thanks for any help at all and if I have messed every part of this attempted translation then please tell me that too!

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