Jenny (devilishdelight) wrote in learn_thai,

Help Please!

Hi I am going to Thailand on the 24th June and am going with a friend who is DEATHLY allergic to seafood especially shellfish. She is very worried about eating out in restaurants as none of us know Thai and are worried that people may not understand she is deathly allergic to anything with these items in it and her food can not touch anything that has previously had seafood in/on it including sauces pots/pans and plates without being thoughouly washed. I know that a lot of Thai people do know english but just wanting to make sure as she could die if she came into contact with these items.So I was wondering if any one can help me out as we were after a proper tanslation of the following so we can laminate it on a piece of paper just in case of misunderstanding and for a little bit of help.

Hi I am deathly allergic to anything that contains seafood especially shellfish, including sauces and marinades such as oyster sauce. Because of my allergy my food can not come into contact with any sort of seafood/shellfish, including the pots/pans that has had seafood/shellfish previously cooked in it without being properly scrubbed out before it is cooked in, the plate the food is served on and also the persons hands who prepare the food can not have any sort of seafood or shellfish residue on them. I would greatly appreciate it if all due care was taken as I can die within minutes of touching any sort of seafood or shellfish. Thankyou.

I would appreciate any sort of help anyone can give me. Thankyou!
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