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Can someone tell me the name of the font in this post?  I’ve seen it on the front of Benjawan Poomsan Becker’s Thai for Beginners, and I’d love to have a font like that :)

On that note, and it might be Linux and FreeType being silly, but — Thai is already fairly unreadable at normal sizes on a computer screen (certainly didn’t see I had misrecognised อื and อึ and put them wrong on my cheatsheet under my keyboard until a few days ago when my friend pointed out that I made typos in my Thai e-mail to him!), and here I am, looking at the fonts I imported from Windows, and their Latin blocks show unreadably tiny at 10pt or 12pt sizes (where other fonts are readable), let alone the Thai parts of the same font.  Weird…  Certainly makes things harder x_x;

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